Boiled egg cutting hack has trained chefs amazed – it’s the ‘best way’


The hack was shared by foodie influencer The Modern Nonna, or Sneji. the Bulgaria chef, who was taught to cook by her grandmother. She uses her TikTok account @themodernnonna, where she has 1.2M followers, to share recipes and hacks like this one.

The chef was amazed by the hack, which allows you to perfectly slice an egg in half and remove the yolk entirely. She said: “In the 33 years of my life, why has no one told me that this is the best way to separate eggs?” Sneji dubbed it the “best hack ever 12/10.”

Demonstrating how it’s done, the influencer said: “You simply insert a chef’s knife in the middle of a hard-boiled egg and gently roll the egg for the perfect cut.”

Her video has had a huge 1.9M views on TikTok and 21K likes on the app. “It looks like the seed from an avocado,” one fan commented.

The hack has been shared by other influencers too. A clip with a huge 26M views was shared by TikToker Andrea VanDerwerker. The TikToker has 18K followers on her account, and wrote: “I’m just figuring this out now after almost 30 years on this spinning rock.”

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If fried eggs are more your think, one content creator shared how to make a fried egg that is perfectly “crispy with that lovely runny yolk”. 

Chef Hailee was trained at culinary school and cooked in restaurants for many years. The chef posts her recipes on her TikTok account, where she has 1.7M followers, and her Instagram.”

The chef then detailed a clever hack, that will help cook the white of the egg through without flipping the egg. Hailee explained: “A little trick that I like to do is kind of poke that thick white part that’s closest to the yolk.”

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