Blue Screen of Death is back! Windows 10 users worst nightmare returns


As reported by Windows Latest, the latest BSoD problem has impacted some Windows 10 users that have CorsairVBusDriver.sys installed.

CorsairVBusDriver.sys is a component of drivers shipped out by Corsair – a leading name when it comes to PC gaming, who make a wide range of gaming tech – from eye-catching RGB cooling fans, to mechanical keyboards, mouses, RAM and much, much more.

If you’ve seen a Twitch streamer or gaming influencer running a stunning looking gaming set-up then it would be a surprise if their machine is fitted with Corsair components.

And this latest issue that impacts machines with the Corsair driver is a particularly troubling one, as some users have reported it has caused their machines to be stuck in a loop where they get an BSoD error and can’t access the desktop.

On Reddit one user posted: “I really need some help. I tried all the fixes I could find on youtube/google but they didn’t work.

“At first there was no file mentioned on the blue screen, only ‘system_thread_exception_not_handled’ and ‘we are sending a report’.

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