Bitcoin price crash: Cryptocurrency in freefall as it drops SIX percent in one hour | City & Business | Finance


At 6.50am (BST), one bitcoin (BTC) was worth £16,651 GBP. Within just 10 minutes, its value had dropped by more than 4.6 percent to £15,882.

Rory Cellan-Jones, former BBC Technology Corespondent, highlighted in a post on Twitter that the cryptocurrency was in “freefall”.

Bitcoin this morning, at 00.35am, peaked at £16,942.

It has, since that time, dropped by more than seven percent.

Reporter Adam Bass responded to Mr Cellan-Jones noting: “There’s crashing and then there’s… oh mama.”

The cryptocurrency is continuing to fall.

By 7.47am, it had dropped to £15,665.

This represented a 5.9 percent fall from 6.50am and a 6.33 percent fall from midnight.

More to follow.

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