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This can incredibly expensive or cheap to start, depending on what level one wants to go in at. A free website with self-published blogs will cost nothing, but a professional website with full SEO and a good Google ranking, making it easier for readers to find the site, will be more pricey, but the pure-profit income is definitely still attractive.

The success of a blog depends on the success of the blogger in their ability to tell a story and connect with their readers – and it’s suggested making money from blogging could be linked on how good one’s branding skills are.

Dog walker – £18,177

This side hustle has a lot of benefits besides the money; getting to be outside, exercising, socialising and working on one’s animal handling skills.

Half of all UK adults have dogs, meaning this is a much-needed service and will ensure repeat customers most likely every day.

Many people consider their pets their family, so networking, word of mouth and good reviews are key to gaining their trust as a new dog walker, or joining a dog walking agency, which can be just as lucrative, provides automatic credibility.

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