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Reaching retirement age is a big celebration for many, but making sure to settle down in the right place is a vitally important aspect of retiring. From the funds that could be released when downsizing a property to local amenities and more, Flowercard has put together the ultimate Retirement Index to reveal the best places to retire.

Based on the findings of Flowercard’s research, it appears that the south of England could be the ideal location for a happy retirement.

According to the Great British Retirement Index, the best place to retire is Plymouth, with a score of 6.95 out of 10.

The port city in South West England is known for its maritime heritage and historic Barbican district.

For people looking to retire, Plymouth has the most parks and religious and sacred sites per 100,000 people in the Index, and, on average, people are likely to make £94,485 when downsizing their home.

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In the Welsh capital city, people could rent a tennis court for an hour on the weekend for £7.71, or join a fitness club for £25.92 a month. Also, according to national crime data, Cardiff has only recorded a total of 87 crimes per 1,000 people in March 2021.

Edinburgh, which ranks fourth in the overall standings with a score of 5.91, is another potential option for people looking to retire in the UK.

The Scottish city recorded the lowest number of people affected by crimes per 1,000 population at just 58.

For those looking to enjoy an active retirement, Walsall presents a cost-effective solution, with the cheapest monthly subscription to a fitness club in the UK at just £22.

Walsall ranked 18th in the overall standings with a score of 4.57 out of 10.

Along the same lines, Stockport and Rotherham also provide cheap options in terms of leisure activities, with tennis court rental costing just £5, the cheapest in the UK.

Stockport landed seventh place in the rankings with a score of 5.66 out of 10, while Rotherham came in 11th, scoring 5.02.

With many people opting to downsize their homes in retirement, the value which can be found while doing so can be an important factor when choosing a retirement destination.

London offers the biggest average saving in the UK for people choosing to downsize, with an average saving of £398,985.

This is not exactly a surprise, as London is one of the more expensive places to buy a home in the country.

London finished in 15th place in the overall standings, with a score of £4.85 out of 10.

A total of 30 destinations were surveyed, with Kingston upon Hull scoring out as the worst place for Britons to retire, achieving a score of just 3.51 out of 10.

Bolton came in at 29th, with Wolverhampton, Dudley and Wigan also ranking as poor locations for retirement in 28th, 27th and 26th respectively.

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