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The higher payment rate stands at £62.55 and is available for children aged three and over. However, it’s only paid if the child is either unable to walk and has a severe disability.

What are the changes to Personal Independence Payment?

Adult Disability Payment is set to replace PIP and will be fully rolled out across the country by next summer.

This benefit payment goes towards the financial assistance of working age people with a disability or long term ill-health which is causing them to lose potential income.

Claimants need to be over the age of 16 and under the state pension age, and will need to carry out an independent assessment to determine their eligibility.

Currently, the payment is split into two separate categories: daily living component and mobility component.

The daily component includes a standard rate of £59.70 and an enhanced rate £89.15. How much someone gets depends on how their disability affects them.

The mobility component is made up of a standard rate of £23.60 and an enhanced rate of £62.25.

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