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Millions of Britons could be unknowingly committing benefit fraud. However, there is a checklist that people can tick off to make sure they are fully compliant if the DWP decides to investigate their claim.

What does the DWP look for?

One of the most common ways of committing fraud is when someone is still claiming benefits yet has started work. Claimants can write a note in their journal if they are getting Universal Credit which will inform their work coach right away.

Another change to personal circumstance that affects how much benefits someone receives is when they move in with a partner. This needs to be reported straight away as someone who has children but lives alone will receive more financial help.

If fraud is suspected, the DWP will do more than just ask for bank statements.

Investigators are allowed to check people’s social media accounts to see if they have reason to believe that fraudulent activity has taken place.

They can also use surveillance to watch people to see if they are going to and from a workplace and speak to the employer to ask why someone is there.

To avoid this people should report any changes to circumstances as soon as possible, ether by accessing the government website or by phone.

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