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William Ford, the solicitor representing the claimants, is specifically calling out the Government’s failure to support some of the country’s most vulnerable who are in need of financial assistance.

Mr Ford said: “We are pursuing this legal challenge based on the proposition that the pandemic means those dependent upon basic allowances are facing higher basic living costs, and yet despite their very similar circumstances, only some of them receive a Covid-specific uplift to help meet those costs.

“This unfairness calls for a properly evidenced justification, particularly as almost two million disabled people are disproportionately affected by this decision and the pandemic generally.

“Thus far, the Government has failed to provide any objectively verifiable reason for the difference in treatment of people in essentially identical circumstances.”

Earlier this month, international organisation Human Rights Watch (HRW), wrote to MPs to warn them that the £20 cut to Universal Credit would breach the UK’s international human rights obligations.

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