Bear escapes crate on airliner at Dubai Airport sparking chaos | World | News


All chaos broke loose at Dubai Airport when a bear managed to escape from its crate aboard an airliner just before take-off.

Iraqi Airways’s crew worked in coordination with authorities from the United Arab Emirates to safely sedate and remove the bear from the plane.

Passengers onboard the aircraft experienced a brief delay as the captain apologised for the situation caused by the bear’s escape from its crate in the cargo hold.

The Prime Minister of Iraq has now ordered an investigation into the matter.

According to Iraqi Airways, all necessary procedures for transporting the bear were followed, ensuring compliance with international regulations set by the International Air Transport Association (IATA).

However, the ownership of the bear has not been disclosed by the airline.

Authorities in Baghdad have previously faced challenges in enforcing laws related to keeping predatory animals as pets, especially among the wealthy population.

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