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He continued: “They won’t ask you to withdraw or transfer money to any other account, or send someone to your home to collect cash, a PIN number, cards or cheque books. So if you are asked to do this, it is an instant red flag.”

This also applies to Monzo, which would never call without arranging it through in-app chat first.

Mr Drewe said: “[Monzo] will also never ask you to share any sensitive information about yourself or your account, or move your money out of Monzo and into a different account – and a real bank will definitely never tell you to take out a loan.”

How to avoid a bank scam

There are a number of ways to avoid falling victim to a bank scam, and first and foremost, Lloyds recommends double-checking messages.

It advised “Never reply to a message that asks for money or banking details. If it claims to be from a loved one, talk to them in person. Use a number you trust, not one from a message.”

Secondly, Lloyds advises to take care when sharing personal information.

It said: “Keep your personal and banking details off social media. And only connect with people you know.”

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