Baldur’s Gate 3 Dev Larian Opens New Studio As Development On Two ‘Very Ambitious’ RPGs Continues


Larian Studios, the team behind last year’s Baldur’s Gate 3, has opened a new studio in Warsaw, Poland. Larian Studios Warsaw is the developer-publisher’s seventh studio worldwide, and joins others in Barcelona, Dublin, Gent, Guildford, Kuala Lumpur, and Quebec. 

“With two very ambitious RPGs now starting development, what better way to see our visions realized than by growing our team and opening a 7th studio in the heart of Poland’s lively gaming scene,” the company’s announcement post on X (formerly) Twitter reads. 

As for what those two RPGs are, don’t expect a sequel to Baldur’s Gate 3. Despite winning countless awards last year, including Game of the Year at The Game Awards 2023, Larian’s CEO revealed back in March that the studio is done with both Baldur’s Gate 3 – so no expansions – and the Baldur’s Gate series in general. 

Over on a separate blog post about Larian Studios Warsaw, the company talks about its plans with seven worldwide studios open now. 

“Larian Studios set up base in one of the greatest RPG development hubs in the world – Poland, where we opened our doors in the historic city of Warsaw,” the blog post reads. “Like its sister studios across the globe, Larian Studios Warsaw is dedicated to fostering an environment where developers can thrive creatively and reclaim their agency. Systems-heavy RPGs need best-in-class developers; that’s why we’ve put the people who build those systems at the center of our culture.” 

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