Australia’s new defence capacity means the military ‘can bite the arms off’ any adversary


Australia's new defence capacity means the military 'can bite the arms off' any adversary

The government’s $270 billion Defence Strategy announcement will mean even global superpowers will think twice before launching an attack on Australia, according to The Australian’s Greg Sheridan.

The Prime Minister outlined a 10-year funding model as part the government’s 2020 National Defence Strategy, committing to defence funding that would go beyond two per cent of GDP.

The strategy centred around a three-objective approach to shape the region, deter foreign powers and respond to impending threats.

Mr Sheridan told Sky News the announcement marks a “significant day” in Australia’s history.

“The only way to avoid conflict is being ready for conflict,” Mr Sheridan said.

“You make yourself so unattractive a target the adversary looks elsewhere.

“We need to let any adversary know that whatever else anyone else does, we can bite the arm off even a big superpower that tries to mess us up.

If you have that, you have a balance of power, and that is what produces stability.”

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