Aston Martin insist Mercedes components aren’t limiting performance


Aston Martin Technical Director Dan Fallows says his team are very happy with the components they receive from Mercedes.

In addition to using Mercedes power units, Aston Martin also take on the gearbox and rear suspension from the Brackley outfit, and currently use the Silver Arrows’ wind tunnel while Aston’s own facility remains under construction.

Aston Martin have made a great leap forward in competitiveness this year, and currently sit second in the Constructors’ Championship with 102 points, six ahead of Mercedes.

But despite currently outperforming the Silver Arrows, Aston Martin have no issues with the quality of the components that they receive, according to Fallows.

“We’re very happy with what we get,” Fallows told media, including

“We obviously have gearbox and rear suspension, and the power units as well.

“We, as engineers, obviously work around the constraints that we have, but so far I find absolutely no reason to wish we had everything else apart from what we get from them.

“I don’t think anything that we get from Mercedes is limiting our performance. Does any of that stop us achieving the goals that we want to achieve? No, absolutely not. So I think we’re very happy with the relationship.”

Fallows: Gratifying not to worry about Mercedes parts

Fallows joined Aston Martin in April 2022 after 16 years at Red Bull, and added that he was grateful that the quality of Mercedes parts helped make his life easier.

“I’ve been at the team for just over a year, we’ve come a great distance, and we’re very focused on what we’re trying to do this year,” said Fallows.

“Next year, from my point of view, that aspect of the power units and gearboxes is something which we’re very pleased with.

“In many ways, it’s quite gratifying that I don’t have to worry about it. We’re very much focused on the short-term, and then on what we can achieve in 2024.”

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