Arsenal transfer news: Mikel Arteta warned signing will cause major dressing room issue | Football | Sport


Asked if Raya will be expecting to be No 1, Fridel said: “I don’t know, I don’t know what’s been said to them. What I know is Raya is a Premier League goalkeeper that’s good enough to be No 1 at a host of clubs.

“Any goalkeeper I’ve ever met that has the ability to be a no.1 when they are a No 2 for one month, okay. Two months, okay.

“When it gets past the third month you’re frustrated, you want to play. Then you start contacting your agent, looking for moves elsewhere, loan moves and things of that nature.

“Then, if you’re Mikel Arteta, let’s say Raya is the No 2 and he comes in when he’s signing his paperwork and says ‘yeah I’ll be a team player’, and then he later gets frustrated and isn’t a team player, then you have an issue.”

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