Arsenal news: Mikel Arteta hits back at Gary Neville after ‘dangerous’ Gunners statement | Football | Sport


“And when the club has done it, it’s done it in a very specific moment for the right reasons and it shows as well the unity and the understanding that there is within the club, to position ourselves in a really clear and honest way. I think that is our duty as a club.”

Arteta claimed on Saturday that the decision to give Gordon’s goal was an “absolute disgrace” and that he was “embarrassed”. He stands by his comments and says he would behave the same way again.

Arteta said: “It is my duty to stand in front of you, to stand in front of the cameras and give a very clear and honest assessment of what happened in the game. I did reflect very openly on how I felt the team played and how the game led to this result by the decisions that were made.

“It’s my duty to defend my players, supporting my players, supporting my club, defending my people in the best possible way and that is what I’m going to do time after time.”

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