Arsenal boss Mikel Arteta tells players he needs more ‘fighters’ and less ‘victims’ | Football | Sport


“There are people who are contagious and can transmit a certain level of energy. When you have a lot of them it is easy. You always have some on one side, some in the middle and some completely on board.

“Then you have to drag as many people as you want into your side, to the fighting side. And the ones who are not interested or cannot do it, they have to stay behind because, if not, they are dragging you back.”

Arteta is in his first full season as a manager or head coach, having joined Arsenal in December last year after a few years on Pep Guardiola’s coaching staff at Manchester City.

Tonight the two sides go head-to-head in the Carabao Cup and Arteta claims they want to win the competition despite their perilous league position.

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