Are elephants bad luck in the home? Where to place statues for good luck, wealth and more


Elephants are respected symbols in many countries, representing strength, protection, wisdom, and good luck. However, in Feng Shui and Vastu, elephants can hold a great significance in home decor when placed in specific locations around the home or property, and in certain directions.

Where to place elephant statues to encourage wealth

Placing an elephant statue in your office or home office is thought to increase growth in the area of work and wisdom. explains: “Those looking for a boost in their career should place the elephant figurine in this direction as the north direction is ruled by Kuber, the lord of wealth. It is the direction of wealth and career.”

You can also place statues at or near to the door of your office or workspace to enhance power, wisdom and success in your career.

According to Vastu tradition, a white elephant signifies richness, luxury and wealth.

Where to place elephant statues for fertility

For couples hoping to expand their family, elephants can signify fertility.

Place these on either side of the door opening to your bedroom, ensuring the statues are facing in toward the room.

You can also keep elephant statues on each bedside table facing in toward the bed.

According to Vastu traditions, an elephant with the trunk down can “store and accumulate energy”, as well as help push through difficult obstacles. adds: “The north and the east corner are considered ideal, for the placement of Vastu elephant symbols and paintings.”

Where to place elephant statues to improve relationships

Elephant figures are also traditionally thought to increase the bond between lovers and families.

According to Vastu, hanging a painting of elephants in the bedroom can help to strengthen the spousal relationship.

A pair of statue elephants can also be placed together.

According to Vastu tradition, two elephants with one missing a tusk can symbolise a healthy relationship between males and females.

Three elephants can signify a peaceful family life. While two elephants crossing their trunks symbolise bonding and friendship.

For children’s bedrooms, a mother and child elephant combination is thought to be best. states: “Placing an image of a mother elephant and her baby in the parent’s bedroom or child’s bedroom, strengthens the bond between the child and the parents. This nurturing symbol can be placed in the family room too.”

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