Aquarius: Astrologists predict 2022 events for water sign


Each star sign in the zodiac has different qualities, needs, and desires when it comes to finding love and being in love. Astrology experts have predicted what’s in store for Aquarius – the 11th sign in the zodiac – when it comes to love.

Today, January 7, astrologists have urged Aquareans to “let go of the reins for a while” when it comes to a relationship with a loved one or a partner. said: “Your brain is really working overtime today, especially with the present astral energy.

“The difficulty is that what you want and what you think you want are two different things.

“You may have seduced yourself into believing that you know where a certain relationship is going.

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“A sun-Venus meetup in practical Capricorn over the weekend helps you see things in a positive and realistic light.

“Instead of focusing on your love life’s little annoyances and mishaps, Aquarius, focus on the good.

“There’s more of it than you know.”

As for the rest of 2022, anything could happen to Aquareans, like with all other star signs.

But one prediction that stood out, according to astrology experts, was to “be ready for more unpredictability than maybe even you are comfortable with”.

But what is Aquarius generally like in love?

Aquarians are intellectual and analytical, and when it comes to love, they are also very passionate.

Despite this, Aquarians are “constantly prioritising the people who need them the most, and sometimes, that puts the people they love in a lurch”.

“Clear communication is necessary to avoid these issues,” recommended.

When it comes to the physical aspect of a relationship, Aquarians are very “in tune with their sexuality”. said: “An Aquarius may find sex connects them more deeply to themselves, as well as their partner, and believes that sex can exist outside of love.

“An Aquarius cares deeply about their partner, but believes that love is not asking another person to put the other person’s needs ahead of their own.

“An Aquarius in love isn’t selfish, they’re pragmatic, and they’re doing what’s most honest for them.”

Aquarius’ top love match is a Sagittarius as the fire sign can “add some heat to ethereal Aquarius”, which is an air sign.

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