Apple cider vinegar benefits: Do apple cider vinegar gummies really work?


What is apple cider vinegar good for?

Regulate blood sugar levels

High blood sugar levels and Type 2 diabetes can be treated with apple cider vinegar.

Type 2 diabetes happens when you have too much sugar in your blood or you have problems with a chemical called insulin in your body.

Dr Jane Leonard said: “Apple cider can lower blood sugar and reduce insulin levels.”

Whether you have diabetes or not, we can all benefit from keeping our blood sugar levels in a normal range.

High blood sugar levels are believed by some to cause ageing and other chronic diseases.

Lower cholesterol

Having high cholesterol is when you have too much cholesterol in your blood, and this is mainly caused by eating too many fatty foods, lack of exercise, being overweight, smoking and drinking alcohol.

While losing weight, eating healthily and getting more exercise can all help you lower cholesterol, apple cider vinegar can help too.

Dr Leonard said: “Apple cider vinegar is said to lower cholesterol and can help lower blood pressure when combined with diet and exercise.”

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