Angela Merkel backs fellow party member for chancellor ahead of tight German vote


German Chancellor Angela Merkel and Christian Democratic Union (CDU) candidate for chancellor Armin Laschet warned of instability in Germany after the federal elections if they were left out of a coalition.

“And this future government, I think we all agree, should ensure prosperity, security and peace. And that is what we are standing here for, because we in the Christian Democratic Union are making you an offer,” said Merkel, who also called for the election of Laschet, referring to his clearly pro-European stance.

She applauded strongly when Laschet again warned against a left-wing alliance of Social Democrats (SPD), Greens and Left.

Other parties are also using the day before the election for big last rallies hoping to sway any last minute voters.

In three polls published on Friday, the SPD was ahead of the CDU/Christian Social Union in each case. The Greens then followed in third place, well ahead of the Free Democratic Party, Alternative for Germany party and the Left. 

With just a few points between each of the parties on Saturday the election is still open.

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