Andretti claims ‘strong addition’ will be key to F1 entry


Michael Andretti believes the “strong addition” of General Motors as a Formula 1 power unit supplier will be key to Andretti Global’s grid entry.

The American OEM announced that it would be joining F1 as a supplier from the 2028 season under the Cadillac brand, becoming the seventh among Red Bull-Ford, Ferrari, Honda, Mercedes, Alpine-Renault and Audi.

There has been stiff opposition among existing teams over the value Andretti can bring to F1, however this announcement marks an important step in their partnership with Andretti.

Andretti is currently undergoing “commercial discussions” with the Commercial Rights Holder, Formula One Management, which will be the final hurdle before it gets the green light to join the grid.

Speaking on X, formerly known as Twitter, Andretti said: “The GM PU will be a strong addition to F1. We are proud the Andretti Cadillac partnership will make this possible.

“Our commitment to excellence will not be taken lightly as we continue planning to enter F1 as soon as possible and, in 2028, Andretti Cadillac will compete as a true American works team.

“This historic partnership will accelerate the sport in the fast-growing US market as well as globally.”

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