Among Us releases on Nintendo Switch today


Perhaps one of the biggest surprises of 2020 was indie darling Among Us. The PC/mobile game puts a group of players in environments like spaceships and labs, giving them tasks to complete to win. Seems pretty simple but there’s a twist: There’s an imposter trying to kill everyone.

Players must work together to complete their task while also exposing the traitor trying to kill them. Among Us has populated the internet with memes and has been one of most popular ways of passing the time during the Covid-19 pandemic. Given its rise in popularity, there’s been great demand to bring Among Us to consoles. The wish has been granted, at least for one console

Among Us is coming to Nintendo Switch today, thanks to a reveal during Nintendo’s indie showcase today. The game will feature cross-play with other platforms such as mobile and PC for those with a Switch Online membership. You can purchase the game for $5 on the eShop.

The game took home two awards at The Game Awards earlier this month. Developer Innersloth accepted awards for Best Multiplayer and Best Mobile Game. A new map was also revealed at the show last week. The team was working on a sequel to Among Us earlier this year but when it blew up in popularity, it was canceled. Innersloth decided to focus on improving the first game given its incredibly large playerbase.

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