Amazon just gave Fire TV Stick users three tempting reasons to switch to Roku


If you’re thinking of upgrading your current TV streaming device or buying one for the first time you’ve probably considered a Fire TV Stick from Amazon. These devices are hugely popular thanks to their competitive price, ease of use and compatibility with all the very latest content providers such as Disney+, Netflix and Prime Video. That all sounds pretty enticing but before you tap the buy button it’s worth checking out one of Amazon’s biggest rivals.

Roku also makes some very impressive streaming sticks with some featuring voice remotes and others even able to beam content to TVs in full 4K resolution with High Dynamic Range for a crystal clear image. Roku also offers access to all of your favourite streaming platforms including BBC iPlayer, Apple TV+, Netflix, Disney+ and Sky’s NOW.

To make things even better, Amazon is currently running some mega money-saving deals which means you can buy a Roku device for a much cheaper price. In fact, the online retailer has a trio of offers giving Fire TV fans three reasons to consider switching.

The deals include money off the Roku Express HD Streaming Media Player, Roku Express 4K and the ultimate Roku Streaming Stick+ which gets improved performance and a remote that features full voice controls.

Here are all the deals and what’s included:

Roku Express HD • NOW £19.99 – SAVE £10

The Roku Express is the firm’s entry-level streaming stick but still features full access to all the most popular services. Owners also get a standard remote control with dedicated buttons for easy access to Netflix, Rakuten TV and Spotify.

As the name suggests, the Roku Express HD doesn’t offer 4K but content can be viewed in full 1080p High Definition.


Roku Express 4K • NOW £29.99 – SAVE £10

The Roku Express 4K is almost identical to the standard model but has one major advantage as it offers users full access to full 4K streams. That means users get a sharper image when watching movies on platforms such as Netflix and Disney+.

Just like the HD model, there’s also a remote control, easy setup and instant access to some of the most popular services. Streaming in 4K does require slightly faster broadband so make sure your internet connection is up to speed before taking the plunge.

Netflix recommends at least 25Mbps for stutter-free 4K streaming.


Roku Streaming Stick+ • NOW £57.49 – SAVE £2.50

If you want the ultimate TV-watching device then Roku’s Streaming Stick+ is a great option. This little box of tricks not only offers full 4K HDR contnet but also faster speeds and remote that offers full controls.

That means you can search for content, pause TV and fast-forward shows simply by asking.


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