Alonso racing through pain that will take ‘months’ to heal


Fernando Alonso admits he is still fighting through the pain endured during his high-speed qualifying crash at the Australian Grand Prix.

The 40-year-old racer, who has suffered his fair share of big incidents in F1 (not least in Australia), has finished inside the points during his last two races.

He has done so while sporting strapping on his hand after he kept his hands on the wheel, fighting for control, during a crash at Albert Park.

The crash was caused by a sudden loss of hydraulic fluid, leaving him unable to shift down gears in time to slow the car for a tight corner.

It left him in the tyre barrier, injured, and having failed to complete a lap that timing data shows could have potentially put him on the front row for the race.

Alonso: I need rest but I am racing every two weeks

Since then, Alonso has raced on through the pain to retire in Imola, finish just outside the points in Miami and place ninth and seventh in races in Barcelona and Monaco respectively.

When asked by about the injury, Alonso explained to members of the media: “[It’s] bones, ligaments, tendons, everything is a mess at the moment.”

Alonso has been told that he cannot have surgery on the injury and that only time will heal his wounds.

He continued: “I need two or three months and there is no surgery, nothing you can do. Just rest. Unfortunately, every two weeks I have to drive, so I try to rest at home but it will take a few months.”

Spaniard keen not to take an injury break

Should Alonso need time to rest, Alpine could turn to reserve driver Oscar Piastri. The 2021 Formula 2 World Champion is ready and waiting for his chance in F1.

The young Australian racer is tipped for a bright future in the sport, with his team keen to keep him close, but Alonso has no plans to step aside.

When asked if he would be sitting out to let the youngster race, Alonso joked: “We need the points!”

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