Alonso predicts punishment for Leclerc and eyes promotion to podium


Fernando Alonso says he is expecting to see his P5 finish at the British Grand Prix upgraded to P4 after witnessing some controversial defending tactics from Charles Leclerc.

Silverstone welcomed a record-breaking attendance for Sunday’s race but it was Alonso, behind the wheel of his Alpine, who had the best seat in the house as Leclerc, Lewis Hamilton, Sergio Perez and Carlos Sainz fought it out for the win.

Leclerc, left vulnerable on Hard tyres, was forced to do all he could to keep the rest of the pack behind him and changed direction too many times, according to Alonso, when side-by-side with Hamilton.

“It was really good at the end. We were just behind the fight and saw all the action,” Alonso told select members of the media, including

“I was hoping that maybe two cars would touch each other and then the podium was there for us, but they raced hard and with a lot of respect. But it was still fun to watch from behind.”

Alonso jokes he may even find his way onto the podium

As a result of Leclerc’s weaving, Alonso says he is expecting to be promoted to fourth given he was handed a penalty for a comparable incident back in Canada.

“I think it will be fourth for me, because I saw Leclerc making three changes of direction on the back straight when defending Lewis Hamilton,” he explained.

“I did that only once in Canada and I got a five-second penalty on the last lap, so I don’t think three movements are allowed.”

Alonso was then told that Perez is being investigated for his own driving standards during the late-race fight.

The Spaniard laughed: “Sure, maybe third for me then. After the race there is always action!

“I don’t have to go to the stewards today so I can have fun from outside [the steward’s room], I hope.”

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