Albon was placed in intensive care following appendicitis surgery


Williams have announced that its Formula 1 driver Alex Albon was placed in intensive care overnight following surgery for appendicitis.

Albon was diagnosed with the problem overnight on Friday, and was subsequently replaced by Nyck De Vries for the remainder of the weekend.

The London-born Thai underwent surgery on Saturday morning at the Osperdale San Gerardo ASST Monza, but suffered complications post the successful laparoscopic procedure.

Albon admitted to intensive care overnight

Albon suffered aesthetic complications after the surgery, which led to respiratory failure.

This is a known, but rare complication to major abdominal surgery.

He was re-intubated and placed in intensive care overnight on Saturday, but having made “excellent” progress, was able to be removed from “mechanical ventilation” according to a Williams statement.

Albon is resting on a general ward, and is expected to return to the UK on Tuesday.

The team’s current plan is for the Red Bull-loanee to be back in the car for the Singapore Grand Prix weekend on September 30-October 2.

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