9 New Cocktail Glasses To Upgrade Your Home Bar


Everyone in the Food52 world knows that we love to announce new arrivals. But of course we do—our talented buying team spends so much time and attention carefully curating our online shelves with home, kitchen, and outdoor goods we know our community will love.

Our latest batch of arrivals featured a smattering of delightful home and kitchen pieces—vintage-finish flatware, a limited-edition garlic jar, and a rolling laundry basket, to name just a few. But we also unveiled gorgeous new glassware: Cocktail glasses, tumblers, mugs, carafes—everything you need to ready your home bar for happy hour.

Since entertaining is a year-round thing, we hand-picked some of our favorite new glasses that deserve a permanent spot on your bar cart. Keep reading for nine new arrivals that are worth toasting to.

1. Jupiter Hobnail Martini Glasses, Set of 4, $40

You’ve probably seen hobnail glasses at any vintage store or flea market you’ve visited. The classic glasses have a textured pattern—typically made from blowing or pressing a glass vessel into a mold—that is unique, eye-catching, and bound to get some compliments. These glasses from Fortessa’s Jupiter collection were inspired by Parisian flea market finds, are made of soda-lime glass, and come in three colors—Pink, Cornflower, and Clear.

2. MATCH Italian Pewter & Crystal Classic Martini Glass, $128

If you prefer a more sleek and streamlined martini glass, these Italian beauties are calling your name. Each glass is crafted by artisans using time-honored techniques, is made from lead-free European crystal with an Italian pewter base, and would be a stunning addition to your cocktail glass collection.

3. Celia Handblown Coupe Cocktail Glasses, Set of 2, $95

Add a little bit of color to your home bar with these glamorous coupe glasses. With sleek lines, deep bowls (less accidental spills), and two stunning color combinations, there’s a lot to love. Each crystal glass was mouth-blown by artisans in the Czech Republic, meaning no two are exactly the same. Fill them with something bubbly, a classic cocktail, or even a couple scoops of ice cream—there’s no wrong way to serve them.

4. Bilia Bottle Decanter, $68

As we’ve mentioned before, storing your whiskey in an airtight decanter can remove sediment and encourage oxidation, contributing to smoother sips. This decanter was designed by Italian glass artist Federico de Majo, is handmade from durable borosilicate glass, and features a colorful glass stopper for a pop of color.

5. Elevated Craft Hybrid Cocktail Glass, $55

If you want a cocktail glass that can hold anything, look no further. This hybrid glass has a vacuum-insulated base and removable glass insert designed to keep your cocktail at its best temperature until the last sip. Thanks to its double-walled design, it won’t drip condensation either.

7. Etched Crystal Whiskey Glasses, Set of 2, $45

The Vintage List was started by two glassware lovers who used to scour English antique markets and it’s clear they draw inspiration from those vintage finds. These whiskey glasses are handblown and feature simple hand-engraved designs that help them stand out. They’re a classic addition to any whiskey-drinker’s home bar.

8. Bee Wine Glasses, Set of 6, $71+

These French wine glasses pay homage to the French countryside with the help of bees. That’s right, every piece is embossed with the iconic Provençal bee, which is a symbol of Southern France and its sun-kissed landscape. Each set comes with six wine glasses, perfect for reds, whites, and rosés, and is available in five colors. If you’re not much of a wine lover, the set is also available as water glasses or Champagne flutes.

9. Jupiter Hobnail Mixing Glass, $25

Ending back where we started, this hobnail mixing glass is ideal for anyone who prefers their cocktails stirred, not shaken. The glass can hold up to 25 ounces and features a pour spout for easy, spill-free mixing. Stirring up cocktails truly never looked better.

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