30 Best Gifts For Foodies 2022


As I look back at the gifts I’ve been lucky to receive on various occasions, the ones that stand out most are all food-related. An exquisite box of shortbread cookies, a basket of peak-season sungold tomatoes, an epic care package from loved ones in Asia, artisanal salts and various pantry provisions, and big bags of homemade cereal just to name a few.

Maybe it’s because I’ve just always been an eager eater or maybe it’s a testament to how the memory of taste is so powerful that the treats have left such an impression on me years later. Whatever the case, I’m a staunch believer that the best gifts are the ones you can eat, drink, slurp, and munch up right away, and I’m pretty sure you’d agree.

Here are the 30 best gifts for the food lovers in your life—which is basically everyone.

Photo by Milk Bar

1. Milk Bar Strawberry Shortcake Duo, $85

We’ll never say no to strawberry shortcake, and this duo doubles down on the season’s yummiest fruit. There’s a classic 6-inch cake, a dozen truffles, and an exclusive Food52 reader discount to boot. Use the code “Food52” for 15 percent off orders $50 or more+ at checkout for the entire month of May. The code can be used multiple times, and there are no exclusions, so go wild with the treats!

Photo by MJ Kroeger

2. Crumble Handmade Strawberry Almond Hand Tarts, $40

For handmade treats that require minimal effort on your part, these flaky strawberry almond tarts arrive within days, and are beautifully wrapped and ready for gifting.

Photo by Goldbelly

3. Ina’s Coconut Cake, $89.95

You could follow Ina’s recipe and make her coconut cake, or you could just grab one from the Barefoot Contessa herself on Goldbelly. The cake comes frozen so be sure to thaw it in the fridge before you cut into it.

Photo by Uncommon Goods

4. Edible Art: DIY Raindrop Cake Class, $63

Even the most talented of bakers would love learning new skills, especially ones that’ll help them master the art of a raindrop cake. This online class is taught by the recipe’s creator Darren Wong, and comes with all the ingredients needed for the recipe.

Photo by Goldbelly

5. Martha’s Favorite Pastry Assortment – 12 Pack, $79.95

For someone who prefers breakfast foods for all meals, a dozen of Martha’s fave pastries will be a surefire hit. They arrive frozen and unbaked, so pop them in the oven and get ready for freshly-baked goods.

Photo by Recess

6. Recess Sampler, $29.99

For a bit of bubbly, these cans of sparkling water are infused with calming hemp and adaptogens. The cans are as pretty as the drinks are tasty, and there’s even a subscription so you’re never low on your new favorite drink.

Photo by Spicewalla

7. Spicewalla Haute Chocolate Collection, $34.99

With the weather getting chillier, there’s no better gift than being able to make a warm mug of hot chocolate and cuddling up in a giant burrito blanket (a real thing, I can confirm!)

Photo by Amazon

8. PipSnacks Mini Popcorn Family Pack – Sea Salt & Truffle, $14.99

Popcorn can do no wrong in any hungry snack-loving stomach. PipSnacks’ range of baked popcorn with a hint of finger-licking sea salt and truffle salt will be an instant hit for anyone who loves movie nights or a low-stress wine and popcorn dinner.

Photo by Uncommon Goods

9. Runamok Glimmer of Hope Sparkle Maple Syrup, $18+

Grubbing on a stack of flapjacks drizzled with maple syrup is nothing short of a magical way to kick off your morning. But add a literal dash of glitter with Runamok’s small-batch maple syrup with food-grade mica powder, and you just might restore your belief in fairy tales.

Photo by Anthropologie

10. Persephone Bakery Granola Sampling, $22

Breakfast enthusiasts will fall head over heels for these two granolas, each perfect for sprinkling onto yogurt or acai bowls. The clusters come in the prettiest bags with major folklore energy.

Photo by James Ransom

11. Kosterina Italian Balsamic Vinegar Trio, $60

Cooking during the week can be a drag—even for the biggest food people in your life. Give them a head start with bottles of balsamic vinegar so aromatic and flavorful that they’ll confidently safeguard against sad desk lunches.

Photo by Ty Mecham

12. Scout Canning Wild Albacore Tuna in Organic Olive Oil (set of 4), $24

Another fin-tastic gift for eating enthusiasts is tinned fish. Wild albacore tuna from Scout works swimmingly (okay, we’ll stop) for speedy lunches and festive dinners—that is, if it makes it that far.

Photo by Goldbelly

13. Jacques’ World Famous Chocolate Chip Cookies – 12 Pack, $74.95

After all these years, I’ve still yet to understand why Pitbull refers to himself as Mr. Worldwide. But it only takes one bite of this cookie to grasp why Jacques Torres holds the title of “Mr. Chocolate.” Big molten cocoa-y pockets encased in a thin soft-yet-chewy dough, they’ll definitely want to eat three of Mr. Chocolate’s famous creations in one sitting.

Photo by Wildgood

14. Wildgood Plant-Based Ice Cream, $36+

Ice cream churned using extra-virgin olive oil is as tantalizing and silky smooth as it sounds. It just so happens to be dairy-free, too.

Photo by Immi

15. Immi New Variety Pack, $39+

Good news: better-for-you instant ramen exists. And guess what? It tastes great. Immi noodles are vegan, light in carbs, and highly flavored with familiar soup bases like black garlic “chicken” and tom yum “shrimp.”

Photo by Amazon

16. Il Colle Del Gusto Sicilian Pistachio Spread, $19.70

This is for anyone who has powered through all of Stanley Tucci’s Italian cooking content and is now experiencing serious wanderlust. No? Just me? No matter. A spoonful of deep, creamy pistachio spread is an excellent way to help a friend taste their way through Italy.

Photo by Jot

17. Jot Ultra Coffee, $26+

Being a full-time eater can be…exhausting. A strong glass of cold brew can help.

Photo by TokyoTreat

18. Tokyo Treat Subscription, $32.50

A solid option for anyone who’s been wanting to wander the aisles of a Japanese 7-Eleven (hands down, the best), but hasn’t booked their ticket yet. Like a super-thoughtful international pen pal, Tokyo Treat curates a big box of conbini (convenience store) snacks and other goodies each month based on themes like “Anime Marathon Munchies” and “Okinawa Snack-Out.”

Photo by Goldbelly

19. Olympia Provisions Pickled Vegetable Sampler (4-Pack), $59

Life is like a jar of pickles, so you have to relish in the sweet and the sour. That’s pretty easy to do with Olympia Provisions’ quad of perfectly pickled veggies at your disposal for hot dogs, salads, or straight from the jar.

Photo by Slow Up

20. Slow Up Box, $35

It’s okay to be a food lover who eats protein bars—especially when they’re made with fresh ingredients and have the texture of the fluffiest frittata, not the gummy-chalky ick that plagues other selections in the bar aisle. Flavors, crafted by Chef Caroline Schiff, like black bean poblano and red pepper pesto bode well in big bites or in crumbles over greens and grains. Spoiler: peanut cacao straight-up tastes like a brownie.

Photo by Brooklyn Cured

21. Brooklyn Cured Gilbert & Bernard’s Personal Favorite Collection, $79

On the topic of snack spreads, here’s another one with those salty, sweet, funky notes—only this time it’s in the form of cheese, nuts, jams, and cured meat. Oh, and did we mention the gift set comes with a nice block of pâté? And unlike others, this one’s ultra-meaty and soaked with red wine and citrus for tangy, fruity notes. See, all the good things do come in threes!

Photo by Luphia Sweets

22. Matcha Chocolate Almonds, $17

These roasted almonds dressed in white chocolate and premium matcha powder make for a simple, elegant, and delicious gift. The sleek tin is finished with a gorgeous green ribbon, so you can put down the gift wrap.

Photo by Rancho Gordo

23. Rancho Gordo Desert Island Sampler, $31.95

Few will ask for this, but many will happily unbox a beautiful bounty of dried heirloom beans when the opportunity strikes.

Photo by Ty Mecham

24. Saltverk Hand-Harvested Icelandic Sea Salt, $26-$50

Much akin to its powers in transforming a bland dish, the sheer variety that salt comes in is far from one note. This set of flavored salts is for people who know that salt in all its glory makes everything taste better.

Photo by Goldbelly

25. Famous Carrot Cake with Nuts & Raisins From Lloyd’s Carrot Cake, $69

What makes Lloyd’s stand out as a bakery is just how it excels in making the most tender and moist carrot cakes slathered in that quintessential tangy cream cheese frosting we all adore. The beloved NYC institution ships nationwide via Goldbelly, meaning carrot-cake-heads based in Kansas to California can indulge without voyaging all the way to the Big Apple.

Photo by Maazah

26. Maazah 3-Pack, $24.99

Here’s to the self-proclaimed condiment fanatics who have just about every hot sauce and mayo jam-packed in their fridge door. They’ll gladly make space for these small-batch chutneys from Maazah the moment they learn it’s based on a super-special family recipe.

Photo by Bubble Goods

27. Natural Rapport Dog – Chew Treat Bundle (3-Pack), $45.60

You can feel good about gifting your furry BFF these chewy single-ingredient nuggets that are free of wacky fillers.

Photo by Amazon

28. Stash Tea Bags Sampler Assortment Box, $39.99

However they take their tea, this box has got it all. They can grab Irish Breakfast with milk and sugar in the morning and wind down in the evening with a Decaf Meyer Lemon.

Photo by Haus

29. Haus Grapefruit Jalapeño, $35+

Roll up to any dinner party with this pretty bottle of pre-meal aperitif, and you’re suddenly the Rihanna-at-the-Met-Ball caliber of guests.

Photo by NPR Wine Club

30. NPR Wine Club, $14.99+

All Grapes Considered, It’s Vin A Minute, a literal Pop Culture Happy Hour. What I’m listing off aren’t clever puns but actual names of wines sold through the National Public Radio’s wine club. You can gift a monthly subscription of 12 bottles for about $79.99 or shop individual bottles of NPR-themed pinots, merlots, and zinfandels. For my dad’s upcoming birthday, I’ll be ordering him the Heroic Washington Cabernet, which is inspired by his favorite NPR show Planet Money.

This post was updated in May 2022 with more delicious food gifts.

What food gifts are making you hungry? Let us know below!

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