24 Colorful Kitchen Essentials – A Brighter Kitchen is Ahead


With the new year quickly approaching, it’s only natural to start daydreaming about the goals you have for the next twelve months. Maybe 2023 will be year you finally master a chocolate soufflé, start throwing a monthly dinner party with your friends, plan that trip to the South of France, or just get your fridge organized. Regardless of how big or small the changes might be, the new-year scheming is often a fun part of the coming weeks.

If you’ve grown tired of the neutral and grayscale colors that can quickly accumulate in any kitchen—and a design refresh is on your list for the new year—you’re in luck. We’ve rounded up 24 of our favorite eye-catching kitchen items from the Food52 Shop to help brighten even the most beige and boring of spaces.

Keep reading to see if inspiration strikes.

If You Want to Spruce Up Your Stovetop

Whether you’re low on kitchen storage or just like to have things handy, these four stovetop staples will look like an intentional design choice for your burners.

If You’re a Breadhead

It doesn’t matter if you’re a butter-on-toast kind of snacker, like to pile your slices high, or always have a loaf rising: These bread-centric items come in an assortment of colors to keep things interesting.

If You’re Always Thinking of The Next Thing to Bake

Forget a dull baking pan or batter bowl—build your next-best bake with these bright essentials.

If The Dinner Party Set Up Has Gotten a Little Predictable

Keep things vibrant at your next dinner with these curated and colorful table additions. Who knew an oil cruet could look so good?

If Presentation Means Everything to You

Function meets design with these beloved pieces. Whether you’re looking for a pie dish that reviewers say keeps a ruffled crust edge intact or a serving dish (or stand) that’ll make a statement, we’ve got you covered.

If You Hate Boring Basics

Swap out your simple kitchen essentials for these colorful alternatives that will keep things bright.

What do you use to brighten up your kitchen? Let us know below!

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