23 Best Bar And Alcohol Gifts 2021


As I think about all the gifts I’ve given to family and friends over the years, I’ve realized that some of my favorite ones somehow always revolve around the bar. And that’s not to say I’ve been doling out bottles of wine like that aunt or that everyone even has an at-home bar, but I consider bar gifts to be as versatile and gift-able as anything else.

Whether it’s a bottle of wine (okay, fine) or a non-alcoholic spirit, matching coupes or coasters, or even a box of punny, booze-inspired gummies, bar gifts are thoughtful and practical. Best of all, they’re usually what gets used (or sipped, or eaten) as soon as they’re unwrapped. Instant joy and gratification, amirite?

Ahead, 23 bar and alcohol gifts that anyone would love.

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1. 17 Stories Colo Bar Cart, $140.04 $129.99

If their idea of a “bar” is bottles of alcohol just begging to be knocked off the corner of the kitchen counter, a small-space-friendly bar cart is a thoughtful and practical gift. This one has two removable tiers that can be used as serving trays and smooth casters to go wherever the party leads.

2. Estelle Colored Glass Hand-blown Colored Wine Glasses (Set of 6), $160-$175

They’ll find any excuse to use these beautiful wine glasses, even if they’re just sipping on water.

Photo by The Wonderful Wine Co.

3. The Wonderful Wine Co. Day Drinker Pack, $60

This 3-pack of vegan wine includes red, white, and rosé, so your vegan friends don’t have to compromise.

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4. Otherland Velvet Persimmon, $36

With notes of persimmon, fallen leaves, and mulled cider, this is basically fall in a (beautiful) jar.

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5. Seedlip Non-Alcoholic Spirits Trio Pack, $50

When they want to drink something besides alcohol, they’ll love sipping on these non-alcoholic spirits. And once the bottles are done, they can be repurposed into cute propagation stations.

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6. Tipsy Scoop Boozy Ice Cream – Choose Your Own Boozy Ice Cream, $119

Boozy ice cream? We’ve got a spoon ready.

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7. Newair Countertop Ice Maker Machine, $209.99 $166.99

Instead of relying on their fridge’s extra-slow ice maker, they can make a batch of bullet ice every 10 minutes for cocktails, sangria, or just smoothies. It comes with a scoop and insulated ice tray, and should any ice melt faster than they can use it, the water gets used to make new ice.

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8. Uncommon Goods Custom Blueprint Coaster Set, $65-$75

Personalize these hefty marble coasters with a printed map of a meaningful location, like their first home or their wedding venue.

Photo by James Ransom

9. Kendall Davis Clay Handmade Matte Black Sake Set, $210

Sake fans will love this handmade ceramic set complete with a bottle, four cups, and a plank for serving.

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10. Aged & Infused Natural Liquor Infusion Kit, $32–$49

Your mixologist friend is sure to unwrap this gift and start using it immediately, so prepare to taste test their creations during dinner.

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11. Winc 1-Month Membership Gift Card, $60

A Winc gift card means that they can get personalized recommendations based on their preferences, so there’s no guessing on your end.

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12. Crate & Barrel Calder Decanter, $39.95

A sleek decanter can make their bar cart instantly look more organized and grown-up instead of having mismatched bottles everywhere. It can also work as a bedside carafe for good ol’ water.

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13. GlobeIn Wood Carved Flight Stand with Glasses, $67

DIY an at-home tasting with this carved flight, which also doubles (triples?) as a serving tray and set of coasters.

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14. Anthropologie Waterfall Coupe Glasses, Set of 4, $64

Inspired by the 1920s, this gold-rimmed coupe is fancy with a capital F, yet super practical (with a capital P).

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15. Uncommon Goods The Gourmet’s Smoking Cloche, $200

For drinks or apps alike, this smoking cloche can add dimension and depth with a hint of smoky applewood.

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16. Arra David and Anne Johnson Whiskey Chilling Coaster Set, $39

If they’d prefer not to smash their teeth in with traditional whiskey stones, they (and their dentist) will appreciate this set of chilling coasters.

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17. In Good Taste The Cascade Collection, $49

California’s not the only big wine state in the US. These mini bottles of Washington vino are a perfect intro to the bustling region.

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18. Mainstays 3 Quart Stainless Steel Ice Bucket, $19.88

This insulated ice bucket with a sleek copper finish can keep things cool literally and figuratively.

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19. Sugarfina But First, Cocktails 8-Piece Candy Bento Box, $72

For those with a sweet tooth, these delicious gummies are cute and fun. They don’t have any booze content so they’re good for those who don’t drink too.

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20. Haus The Sampler Kit, $50

Served over ice or mixed, these aperitifs are a great pre-dinner drink—though we’re known to start sipping any time after we’ve hit send on the last work email for the day…

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21. Georg Jensen Sky Bar Set, $399

If they love mixing up their own cocktails, they’ll love experimenting with this set. It comes with gleaming stainless steel, sleek Scandi-inspired curves, and all the tools to complete their home bar.

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22. AeroGarden Harvest Elite, $179.85

They can grow mint, basil, and more to top off drinks or dishes alike. I’ve been using my AeroGarden for the past three years for fresh herbs as garnishes, and even tomatoes.

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23. Coravin Pivot, $99

Can’t finish the wine tonight? This handy gadget can keep a bottle fresh for up to four (yep—four!) weeks.

What’s your holiday wish list this year? Drop some inspo below!

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