20 DIY Mother’s Day Gifts


In case you hadn’t realized, Mother’s Day is coming right on up. For some reason, it feels as if I’m always prepping for this day far longer than other holidays or birthdays. I’m also never quite satisfied with the gifts I get my mom, likely because she’s owed a lifetime of gifts for her unwavering contributions to our family.

So what’s the best way to really show your mom you love her? Throw it back to your preschool days and literally make her a gift. All those cards, pasta necklaces, and pieces of handprint art she’s kept all these years made her happy for a reason—you took the time to do it yourself.

Below, we’ve gathered 20 of the most useful and adorable gifts to make for Mom this year, and there’s something for every DIY skill level. The good news is, even if these projects don’t turn out as intended, your mom will understand—it truly is the thought that counts.

I’m willing to bet your mom is still nostalgic for the days when she carefully and lovingly packed your school lunches, so these carefully and lovingly DIY-ed sandwich bags return the favor after all these years.

If mom is usually scrambling for a kitchen towel or potholder to put food down on, a set of handmade trivets will do the trick.

These Scandinavian-inspired candleholders will fit into any home, really, and they look darn good on a table.

If you’ve got a wee pair of pliers and the patience to make a few tassels, you can definitely accomplish these in under an hour.

Make. Potato. Stamping. Cool. Again. Yes, I said it! Potatoes are truly the easiest way to make an accurate, affordable stamp for block printing. Pillows, napkins, curtains, notebooks, art—you name it, you can potato stamp it.

For the avid reader moms among us.

Okay, so this one requires a bit of pre-existing crochet skill, but how stinking cool is this blanket? You might just have to make one for yourself, too.

A little trick I picked up from an Airbnb I stayed in is to leave little jars and cups filled with matches around the house, just as you’d leave candles scattered around. All you need to do is glue a piece of match-striker paper onto a vessel, and it’s the perfect little holder.

Imagine how much fun a game of “Guess Who?” would be when your chosen person is Aunt Elaine! Things can get really interesting really fast when family skeletons are brought to light.

A lovely little set of coasters is never not appreciated!

Who says the tie-dyeing fad of 2020 needs to fade out? Not us! Shibori-style linens certainly aren’t going anywhere either, and seem to fit into any design style with ease.

From hours toiling in the garden, days spent back at the gym, or just consistently bending over to play with the family dog, it’s likely your mom loves a heating pad moment. Make her a few extra to keep around the house for whenever an ache strikes, and she’ll think of you, too, as she’s settling in to relax.

This is kind of like the not-quite-grown-up version of pasta necklaces, and somehow really adorable and frame-worthy? I know my mother would surely laugh at the throwback of it all.

If cane webbing ever goes out of style, I’ll have to leave the earth.

Patience, padawan. This woven mat is an absolutely gorgeous end result, that with a little bit of time, makes possibly the most thoughtful mom’s gift.

Toss an actual Polaroid camera (she’ll love this) in with these handmade stands and you’ll be the golden child for at least a year.

Grocery shopping, Target runs, beach days—she’ll think of you each time she stuffs this bag full and heads out the door.

For the mom who’s growing out her bangs, or simply loves a hair accessory.

Got a sewing machine? Put it to good use by making this adorable sleeping mask to block out the light of your dad’s iPad at night. She’s going to need it.

This necklace is far easier to make than you’d think—just some gold chain, embroidery thread, and a little patience.

Which of these DIY projects would you try your hand at? Let us know below!

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