12 Minimalist Halloween Decor Ideas


Despite a good chunk of the population maintaining a white-knuckled grip on summer, I’m personally ready to break all my sweaters back out and cuddle up for a scary movie marathon. Another thing I’m ready for? Halloween decor.

I’m for sure more of a fall decorator, since the color palette in my home already leans towards warm neutrals and cozy fabrics. Halloween is particularly difficult to decorate for in a way that feel true to your style, since it’s dominated by black, orange, and often downright scary things.

Good news, though. There are, in fact, simple ways to add a bit of Halloween into your home that feel decidedly minimalist and modern, and only a little bit kitschy (that’s part of it, after all!). Read on for our favorite minimalist Halloween decor ideas.

Sure, skulls might be most closely associated with Halloween here in the US, but they make an edgy (almost adorable) addition to any styled shelf or coffee table. Anything overly feminine or luxe (florals, pinks, velvets) are immediately balanced with the presence of a replica human head, of course.

Stretchy, cotton spider webs are a staple of kitschy Halloween decor. But somehow, combined with the neutral linens and modern windows, the spider webs are an artful touch. Oh, and that little neon “Boo!” sign? Adorable.

You’ve surely heard of “Elf on the Shelf”… well, this is his dead cousin. A simple little skeleton sitting on the shelf is enough to keep all existing decor, while clearly signaling that spooky season is upon us.

One of my favorite ways to decorate for holidays is to swap out existing art with seasonal prints. I actually keep Christmas-y prints tucked away behind the year-long art so they’re easy to find when it’s time to deck the halls. Halloween is no different, just bring out the black cats instead of the usual art you have up.

Bar carts are always a fantastic opportunity to showcase little bits and bobs of seasonal decor. This one is Halloween from the spider plates down to the skeleton peace sign, but just a few items will really pull it together.

Possibly one of the most daunting aspects of seasonal decorating is deciding which existing items to keep out, and which to swap. Good news: you can keep it all and just add. The trick here is to scooch things around and play with varying heights to make it all feel cohesive.

You know this one already! If you’ve got a letterboard, white board, or some other customizable sign, it’s time to start brainstorming funny Halloween phrases.

Just like art in frames, pillow covers are an easy swap to make for your regular decor. These ones are just muted orange and black (classic Halloween colors!), no need for them to be overtly spooky or scary.

No need for a dedicated decor piece (that then needs to be stored somewhere after the holiday is over), just stack up some gourds from the patch and you’ve instantly added a touch of fall.

What’s more Halloween than a flock of bats? Not much, to be honest. Similar to the cotton spider webs, you’ll likely be able to find paper bat cutouts anywhere that’s selling Halloween decor.

Usually, my dining table is styled with a basket, a vase of flowers, a candle, and so forth, but Halloween offers a whole other opportunity for styling items. Bring in your usual candle holders and change out white tapers with black ones, add a couple mini pumpkins, and a skull, of course.

This one’s pretty self-explanatory. The easiest way to ensure a Halloween vibe is to add pumpkins anywhere and everywhere.

Are you ready for Halloween decorating? Tell us what you’re putting out for the fall season below!

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