10 Remakes I Want To Happen


Chrono Trigger has achieved a legendary status within the RPG genre and beyond; fans love the cast, the combat, and the world, and the story. If Final Fantasy VII can get a remake for those reasons, then Chrono Trigger is certainly no less deserving. It’s a beloved time-travelling adventure full of heart, clever writing, and innovative design. However, for the generation of gamers who weren’t around in the 16-bit era, it may be difficult to appreciate everything that made this game so special. It may feel more like a history lesson these days, but it doesn’t need to be; just look at Dragon Ball FighterZ to see how wonderful Akira Toriyama’s art can be on more recent hardware, then imagine all of characters and locations (past, present, and future) from this classic being similarly presented. I want the turn-based battle system, the lack of random encounters, and the team-based attacks to stay intact, but with some fresh elements that add extra depth. Getting the whole A-list development team back together again seems impossible, but I also live in a world in which I have actually played Final Fantasy VII Remake, so I don’t want to count anything out.

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