10 Holiday Cocktails to Make All Season Long


We’ve teamed up with our friends at Stanley—makers of beautiful flasks, pitchers, tumblers, cocktail shakers, and more—to bring you 10 of our favorite holiday cocktail recipes to make all season long.

Cozy season is upon us, and I am stoked. It’s time for flickering fireplaces, heartwarming movies and family moments, and best of all, cozy seasonal cocktails (or mocktails) to imbibe while enjoying it all.

Since I’ll be spending more time indoors rather than spritzing it alfresco, I’ll be relying on my favorite Stanley products to shake up the perfect whiskey sour or keep batch cocktails chilled throughout my holiday parties. As the evenings wane and the late night tipples linger on, Stanley’s barware will keep my warm drinks toasty and my cocktails perfectly iced.

Here are the 10 cocktails I’ll be making and sharing throughout the season, along with the perfect seasonal Stanley products to drink them in.

1. Brown Buttered Irish Coffee + Stanley Winterscape Perfect-Brew Pour Over Set

One of my favorite things about this time of year is waking up to fresh coffee brewed in the chilly air in my kitchen just as the sunlight starts streaming in, exactly what the festive Winterscape Pour Over was created for. Better yet is using that coffee, still warm in the double-walled Stanley Stay-Hot Camp Mug, to make this boozy brown-buttered concoction to take me into the cozy evenings.

2. Hot Toddy with Dried Cherries & Lime + Stanley GO Everyday Tumbler

I’m excited to stay in with a good book with this creative take on the classic hot toddy, studded with dried cherries and lime zest for a zingy tartness. It’s super simple to assemble in the GO Everyday Tumbler, which will keep the beverage at the perfect temperature until my very last page.

Photo by Julia Gartland

3. Apple Rye Moonshine Punch + Stanley Adventure Stacking Pint

As the snow begins to fall and the temperatures drop, I like to pile into the car with friends and drive out upstate into the woods, renting a cabin to maximize our cozy winter vibes. This rye and apple punch laced with maple bitters, divided into these colorful vacuum-insulated, stainless steel stackable pints, will fuel us through hours of movie-watching and puzzle-solving.

4. El Diablo for a Crowd + Stanley Classic Easy-Pour Growler

Whenever I’m having a party, I like to batch a cocktail in Stanley’s Easy-Pour Growler (which will keep it cold for 24 hours!) so guests can help themselves while I finish up last-minute preparations. This tequila- and ginger-spiked sparkler will be the perfect, perky conversation starter.

5. Ginger-Turmeric Tonic + Stanley Stay Chill Beer Pint

Invariably, with all the holiday planning and partying I’m bound to get a little under the weather, so this tonic (which can be made with or without booze) will be just the thing to nurse me back to health. The Stanley Stay Chill Beer Pint will keep it invigoratingly cold for four hours.

6. Spiked Eggnog + Stanley 24 oz Stay-Hot Camp Mug

Come December, I’ll be reaching for a big mug of this creamy, frothy eggnog: It’s just the concoction to deliver a healthy punch of warming whiskey and brandy, while the new 24 ounce Stay-Hot Camp Mug from Stanley makes sipping this sweet treat extra delightful given its perfect size for a generous pour. (Don’t be fooled by the name: It keeps drinks cold, too—up to 25 hours if iced.)

7. Sangria + Stanley Stay Chill Classic Pitcher

I’m here for any winter wine situation, especially one that features crunchy chunks of seasonal apples, Luxardo cherries, and oranges infused into some good Spanish vino like this sangria. I love that I can easily double or triple (!) this recipe with the Stay Chill Pitcher (which comes in festive colors from Stanley such as Cinnamon Glow) for the number of guests I’m having, making it perfect for hosting.

8. Oat Milk Hot Chocolate + Stanley Classic Legendary Bottle

When I visit my in-laws in Detroit during the holidays, we like to take all the kids ice skating to get them out of the house. As soon as I hear the metal blades scraping against the ice and the kids’ joyful screams—gloved hands clutching the outer rim of the rink as they go—I immediately crave hot chocolate like I used to have after ice-skating as a kid. This year, I’ll be sure to pack this hot chocolate in my iconic, Classic Legendary Bottle (1.1qt), which makes it easy to transport and will keep it hot for 24 hours. It’s nonalcoholic, so I can share with the little ones, too. Maybe.

9. Harper’s Manhattan + Stanley Lifted Spirits Hip Flask

As the year winds down and New Year’s parties kick into gear, I like to prepare a little tipple for the road as we bounce from house to house. This Manhattan, conveniently tucked into an easily-refillable and ever-sippable, wide-mouth Stanley Lifted Spirits Hip Flask in my purse, is just the thing I want to drink here in New York City.

10. Evergreen Spritz + Stanley Golden Hour Tumbler

Even after the holidays, this vermouth spritz, tinged with fresh rosemary and lemon juice, will continue to be a bright, sparkling light awaiting me in the evenings. Best of all? It’ll be the perfect excuse to invite my friends over to share another cozy night together, each with their own color-coordinated Golden Hour Tumbler from Stanley that I’ve conveniently gifted them!

What’s your favorite cocktail to make during the holidays? Share your thoughts in the comments!

Founded in 1913 by inventor William Stanley, Jr., Stanley has created beloved products for the last 110 years. Whether it’s a celebratory gathering with friends, holiday dinner party with family, or cozy night in by the fire, Stanley has the perfect barware for your next solo evening in or for your gathering with friends for a festive happy hour. Available in a number of trendy colors, chic finishes and varying sizes, your Stanley is sure to become your new favorite bar cart accessory.

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