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Chris and his Pine nuts have been the subject of fevered discussion ever since the naked scenes were revealed at preview screenings. The new Netflix movie about Robert The Bruce was released today and fans can finally see for themselves if it was worth all the fuss. Pine, himself, has used the conversation to raise the issues of why nudity is penalised more than violence on screen and why male nudity causes far more outrage than female nudity. The movie has received strong early reviews but any fans who don’t want to sit through hours of British history can skip straight to the scene in question. 

Pine has always been comfortable with is own body on screen, including a memorable naked moment in the first Wonder Woman film (see below) when his modesty was amusingly protected by one hand.

It must be stressed that The Outlaw King is well worth watching throughout, blending historical drama with a modern feel for pacing and spectacle. However, if you do want to cut to the chase, there are two naked scenes with the leading man.

In one he flashes his bottom with his co-star and on-screen wife, Elizabeth de Burgh, played by Florence Pugh.

The actual moment that caused such a splash at early screenings will remind many of that infamous Colin Firth Mr Darcy moment, except this time the leading man really does bare all.

Chris Pine’s heroic Scottish rebel wades out of a freezing pond one hour and 27 minutes into the fim. 

The Star Trek actor explained why he wanted to include the shot: “In exploring this kind of man who is to be called king and treated like a king, I thought it was important to see the king and the animal, the man and the animal – that his feet are in the mud. That he is both violent and primitive and bestial, but also something else.

“So I thought to see the human de-clothed and as his animal self is really important.”

He also remarked on the eternal double-standards about what ca be shown on screen, especially in the United States.

Pine added: “People are giggling about my penis as if we’re schoolchildren.

“There are movies with people sawing their heads off and you can show that to a 13-year-old in my country and it’s not a problem. You show two people having sex and your mother’s got to hide you from it. And if you distil that down, there’s something about showing intimacy which is verboten, but showing violence which is thumbs up.”


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